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Company news
8 July 2016
UTIP Team visited iFX EXPO International in Limassol

One of the greatest Forex-expos iFX EXPO International was arranged in Limassol, Cyprus from 24 till 26 of May. The UTIP company was a participant along with major companies from all over the world. The representatives from the software developers were among them, including leading global brokers, law firms, payment systems agents etc. The focus was on the modern technologies of the market.

The UTIP company presented a new product:
Modern CRM 2.0, fully customized under the Forex broker’s requirements with advanced opportunities and new exciting design.

iFX EXPO International 2016

During two days, we had a time to talk with current clients, which are working in Europe, tuned new partnership relations with payment systems agents, set a lot of new contacts. More than 25 new companies were interested about our solutions.

Time, we spent on the EXPO, was very useful. Our employees mentioned a high level of organization of the event and a lot of visitors.

iFX EXPO International 2016

4 April 2016
The UTIP company had first anniversary

On the 4th of April 2016, the UTIP company had its first anniversary. We are 10 years now.

Through the years’ number of our clients raised beyond 90 brokerages, among which are a lot of dynamic companies in Europe and Asia.

We have settled long term relations with major partners, which are to assist promotion and sales of our products and services all over the world.

One of the key point is the participation of UTIP company in different international expositions and conferences. So, we have received awards for the best Forex trading platform and Web Terminal. Recent participation in iFX EXPO Asia 2016 in Hong Kong allowed us to consolidate the positions on the Asian market.

We go the extra mile and make new plans and purposes for further development. We had a chance to appear on the iFX EXPO International 2016 as a participant, which will be held from 24 till 26th of May in Cyprus. We continue to enhance the products for our clients, following the requirements of the modern Forex market.

New smart CRM 2.0 system with high technologies in sales management will be presented on the EXPO.

Currently in the office there are 30 skilled specialists, which are permanently involved in the process of stabilization and success of the company. We appreciate you for collaborative executed work and trust, we hope for further partnership development.

Sincerely yours,
UTIP team

2 February 2016
UTIP team visited iFX EXPO Asia 2016 in Hong Kong

From 26th till 28 of January our team participated on iFX EXPO Asia 2016. The expo was held in Hong Kong and it accumulated more than 75 participants and around 2500 visitors from different corners of the world. Among the participants, there were the representatives from major Forex companies, developers of the software, top banks, mass media and other.

A new product unique Web Terminal with integrated functions of personal account was presented on the well decorated stand.

Web terminal and personal account functions unification for trader attracted interest of the visitors as a new trend on the market. Among other things, a lot of people were amazed by our prices on the software and fullness of our products and services.

For 2 days on the EXPO we had a chance to accumulate a lot of useful contacts, tuned new foreign partnership relations had a few potential and real clients.

The Hong Kong expo was a place, where the business allies with vacation. In this warm and friendly atmosphere, we had new ideas for the future development.