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Company news
18 September 2017
OrangePay 2.0 - new facilities to accept payments from customers

The second version of OrangePay payment system has been integrated into UTIP WebOffice personal account.

Developers have paid closer attention to the security of payments from customers in the new version of the payment system. They have improved the technologies of 3D Secure, Anti-DDoS, etc.


Website: https://orange-pay.com/

The company appeared in Czech Republic in 2013. More than 500 businesses have become OrangePay clients over this time. Such large companies as Bulltraders, Altinvest and Barcleyes are among them.

OrangePay opens accounts for Forex brokers from different jurisdiction and doesn’t require Forex license. Merchant account is opening remotely.

Payment methods:

OrangePay, PayBoutique, WinPay, RBK Money, SorexPay and Onpay payment systems are plugged in UTIP WebOffice for today.

Follow the appearance of new payment systems in News section on our website.

1 September 2017
The UTIP Mobile Terminal upgrading: UTIP 1.10

Fast trading, new design, simple registration and processing high speed are all in the brand-new UTIP Mobile [].

We simplified registration form in trader’s mobile terminal UTIP Mobile. The form contains the most important fields only and is placed on one page now. All this reduces registration time and increases the chance to open new account by trader.

Other forms of terminal have changed too. We have changed the design of most pages. New designed pages are more beautiful and convenient for use now.

Fast trading panel has appeared as in the UTIP Mobile new version as in the desktop and web terminal versions. The trader will be able to select the required type of order or option on the panel and open new position directly from the chart.

The app has started to load and work much faster due to pages optimization.

Open the mobile web-terminal right now from your smartphone and evaluate the update by yourself.

23 August 2017
WinPay payment system is integrated in the Trader’s room

About payment system

The system works with Forex brokers, which are working under any jurisdictions. It supports popular payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, YandexDen’gi and QIWI.

WinPay appeared in 2014. Among its clients there are: Alpari, Teletrade, Bulltraders, Amarkets and other.

The UTIP company gives the best payment systems with profitable terms to the brokers. WinPay is fifth payment system, that is connected to the Trader’s room. Currently there are WinPay, OrangePay, RBK Money, SorexPay and Onpay payment systems, which are available for depositing in Trader’s room.

Alternative method of Account depositing – is stability in Brokers’ activities. For this reason, we are tracking new convenient ways and accepting the requests on the integration from our clients.