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Company news
26 December 2017
Guest account in the UTIP Trader’s Room Mobile

Guest account has appeared in a new mobile version of the UTIP Trader’s Room.

The client can acquaint with the Trader’s Room functional without any registration now.

Motivate to register

There are available and unavailable functions for the user in the guest account. The user gets a notification to register, trying to use unavailable functions.

Such involvement initially gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the Trader’s Room without entering personal data. And then it stimulates potential clients to register in the Trader’s Room.

Account setting

The broker can tune the data for the guest account by himself. It enables the broker to introduce his individual services to the clients. For instance, he can indicate the specific PSPs offered by his company.

To learn more about the Trader’s Room Mobile contact Sales Department.

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25 December 2017
PaySeven PSP for the UTIP brokers

One more PSP has been integrated into the UTIP Trader’s Room.

PaySeven opens accounts for Forex brokers. And makes it remotely. This payment system works with companies from any jurisdiction and does not require a Forex license.

About the company

Website: https://payseven.net

The company was founded in Latvia in 2012. During this time more than 200 businesses have become PaySeven clients.

Payment methods

PaySeven takes over 1,4% for money deposit and withdrawal from the merchant account from licensed brokers and 5-5,5% from brokers without license.

PaySeven, GoPay, Ecopayz, Cauri, OrangePay, PayBoutique, WinPay, RBK Money, SorexPay and Onpay payment systems are plugged in the UTIP Trader’s Room for today.

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5 December 2017
New reports in CRM

New types of reports have been added in the last UTIP CRM version: Report by sales, Report by payment systems and Report by period.

You can run your business more effectively by now.

Report by sales

Analyze the sales department working results. Review each employee sales results and make a decision on payments of wage and sales percentage.

Report by payment systems

Analyze PSPs popularity. You can review the frequency of one or another payment system usage to deposit money by traders. Thus, you can understand whether to stimulate your traders to use another system for money deposits or not.

Report by period

Analyze sales volumes and company profit. You can specify the period of information display: by days, weeks, months, years. According to this data you can track changes in your clients trading activity and make timely decisions.

All reports are included in any UTIP CRM package. Contact the UTIP Sales Department for more information.