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Company news
14 December 2020
Trader's Room and CRM updates. December 2020

The Trader’s Room now has an integrated “Economic Calendar” widget from the MarketCheese service. The ability to merge customers duplicates and track the sources of clients registrations in CRM has been added.

Trader's Room’s Economic calendar

The MarketCheese "Economic Calendar" widget has been integrated into Trader's Room With this widget, a trader can view Forex market news and economic events.


To activate the economic calendar, the broker needs to enable the “MarketCheese Widgets” setting in the “Trader’s Room Settings” block in the Web Office. After that, the widget will appear on the main page of Trader's Room.

Working with duplicates in CRM

In CRM, in the "Clients" table the "Duplicates" column has been added, and the "Duplicates" button to the card of a client with contact matches has been added. When you click on the button, you can see all the duplicates found.

Now broker managers will be able to combine clients who have the same values in the "Email" or "Phone" fields. 

Clients’ registration sources

We have also added functionality to CRM that allows you to track the sources of user registration. For this, the "Origin" field has been added to the client parameters: it indicates the source of the user's registration. The same information is displayed in the additional information block in the client's card.

Due to this information, the manager can track through which application or site the client was registered.

For detailed information about the new features of Trader's Room and CRM, please contact the sales department.

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13 October 2020
New functions of the MakretCheese service. October 2020

In the new version of the MarketCheese service we have added English version of our website and have translated all the widget’s data. Also, there are a whole new widgets page and widget`s improvements.

English version of the website

Many of the MarketCheese users asked about English version of our widgets. However, we did even more and now there is a whole website in English in addition to the widgets. To see that, follow the link marketcheese.com.

Also now, in all the widgets configurations there is a new setting – “Language”, where you can pick Russian or English language.

We have localized all the data and you can add the MarketCheese widgets on English-version of your websites, for English users. 

Widget`s Page Improvements 

There are more and more widgets from MarketCheese, so we decided to redesign the page https://marketcheese.com/widgets-list. Now it is a compact panel with switches, where you can not only see the list of widgets, but also fully try them out.

Widget Changes

We have made changes to the widgets themselves. So, in the widget "Chart" there is a new style "Area" - the chart is displayed as a filled area. In the "Calendar" widget, you can now view historical data not only in tabular form, but also using an interactive graph, which displays data for the last five years.

The Promo Button

Previously, the promo button was only available in the Chart widget. Now it can be added to other widgets: Market Status, Quotes, Market Leaders. The button can be configured in such a way that the link leads to the trading terminal or to any advertising page of your site.

Check out our widgets, see data for market analysis and new research by analysts on the MarketCheesewebsite.

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9 October 2020
Affiliate’s Room from UTIP: attract more clients with the help of affiliates

Meet the Affiliate’s Room from UTIP — a powerful tool for working with your company's referral program. It will help to increase the flow of clients and reduce the cost of attracting them.

The Affiliate’s Room allows you to get new client-traders using affiliates’ web resources. 

Get started quickly

When registering, an affiliate fills in just a few fields. Immediately after registration, a unique referral link is assigned to them.

The affiliate places their referral link on their website or social networks. When a potential client follows it, registers in the platform and makes the first deposit, the affiliate will be given remuneration.  

The affiliate can choose the type of partnership, language and payment methods, they can also upload documents and their logo as well as add additional settings. 

Promotional materials

To make it easier for the affiliate to work and attract clients at the start, the "Promo" section is available in the Room. Banners, videos, logos pre-installed by the broker appear here. The affiliate can download the materials as a separate image (video) or in the form of an HTML code to put it on their website.

Payments to affiliates

The broker can create an unlimited number of payment methods. The affiliate themselves chooses the payment system for accruals. They specify the payment details in their Room. 

In the first version of the Room, you can set a remuneration “On first deposits”, when affiliates receive fixed accruals as a percentage of the first deposit of attracted traders. 

To configure the type of remuneration, the broker must specify two parameters: 

  • the percentage of remuneration that is credited to the affiliate’s account;
  • Hold time — the period during which an attracted trader must manage to make a deposit.

If a client deposits the account after the specified time, the affiliate will not receive any remuneration.


To analyze client conversion and income, you can view detailed reports on payments and attracted clients.

Convenient interface

The application is adapted to work on desktop and mobile devices. An affiliate can work in their office from different devices and at any time convenient for them.

The main page displays all the important information for affiliates: their income, traders’ first deposits, the number of new clients and active traders. The affiliate can look at this information in comparison with the previous month and see the results for the entire time of work.

The referral link is always shown at the top of the home page. The menu on the left contains the main sections of the Room and provides easy navigation.

For detailed information on the work of the Affiliate’s Room, please, contact the sales department.

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