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Company news
23 March 2023
UTIP to be present at Forex Expos in May

In May 2023, the UTIP team is going to attend three exhibitions: Finance Magnates Africa Summit, Traders Fair Philippines, and Wiki Finance Expo. During these trade shows, our experts will introduce the company's products, including the UTIP CRM, and highlight the way it helps brokers to accomplish challenging tasks. 

Finance Magnates Africa Summit

This event will take place on May 8-10 in Johannesburg. The summit is expected to bring over 2,000 Forex players, i.e. brokers, liquidity and platform providers, lead generators and payment systems vendors, along with other service suppliers. 

Our booth: 18

Traders Fair Philippines

Manila will be hosting this exhibition on May 20. Educational seminars and workshops with Forex industry practitioners are to be held at the Fair. Expo attendees will also have a chance to interact with global brands. Traders Fair is carried out by FINEXPO, a Forex event company with more than 20 years of expertise.

Our booth: B4

Wiki Finance Expo

The exhibition will be held on May 27 in Singapore. Speakers from multiple industries are going to be on hand, including cryptocurrency, NFT, fintech, metaverse, web 3.0, cyber security, and educational technology. 

Our booth: C3

Be sure to have a face-to-face meeting with our representatives at these exhibitions and learn more about the company's latest developments.

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16 February 2023
The UTIP CRM and the UTIP Trader's Room. February 2023

The UTIP CRM 2.31.0 has been updated with a feature of arranging work with lead generators and automatic trading account opening when registering a trader in the CRM. A division of rights into the Export and Import of the clients’ information is now available for Administrative staff. The UTIP Trader’s Room 2.20.0 has also been updated with a "News" widget.

The UTIP CRM: Lead Generation

A broker is now able to arrange work with lead generators via a recently appeared “Lead generation” section. It is geared to optimize API requests performance and speed up the integration.

To ensure the interaction between lead generators and traders, we offer the ''Requests" option whereby the lead generator obtains customer data directly. Moreover, our system includes a Postback functionality designed for the lead generator to automatically receive information on the event completed, i.e. the first deposit.

The UTIP CRM: Other updates

The feature of automatic account opening when switching from a lead to the trader via the UTIP CRM has been introduced. It is geared to streamline the process and work of the employees.

A division of rights into the Export and Import of the clients’ information is now available for Administrative staff. Thus, the customer database will be secure upon the employees' right to import clients.

The UTIP Trader's Room: "News" widget

The ''News'' sections is now available for a prompt and easy access to the economic and financial news. The widget contains newsfeed by categories, i.e. recent business news, articles on resource extraction, demand and regulation.

The availability of information about stock indices guides you to make trading decisions. To read more, you can switch to the full article content from the widget.

For further information about working process with the UTIP CRM 2.31.0 and the UTIP Trader's Room 2.20.0, feel free to contact the sales department.

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28 December 2022
MarketCheese. December 2022

The MarketCheese update offers a "News" widget that allows web page owners to get free access to the “News” section on their website.

Features of the “News” widget

The “News” widget provides quick and easy access to economic and financial data on the MarketCheese service. This includes news feeds by categories published on the website.

Each news item is provided with a summary and symbols the item is likely to impact. The description is presented so as to make a trading decision based on the news. If the given description is not detailed enough, the reader can proceed from the widget to the full news content by clicking "Read more".

The widget can be embedded in the main content of your website, or in small blocks with no functionality being lost. The news content is available in two languages: Russian and English.

Publish your market forecasts, read analyst research, copy widgets to your websites. Go to MarketCheese.

Follow the latest news in the News section on our website.