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Company news
16 October 2019
Making deposits to real trading accounts in UTIP Mobile

In release of UTIP Mobile an option to make deposits directly in the app has been added. Now traders do not need to go to Trader’s Room to make deposits to trading accounts.

Account depositing

For making deposits in UTIP Mobile a new button “Make a deposit” has been added. It appears when the trader signs in using his email and password. If the trader signs in with the account number and password, this button does not appear.

Thanks to this new function, traders can make deposits to any real trading account of theirs. To make a deposit to the desired real trading account, the trader only needs to select it on “Make a deposit” form.

Alert system

In the app, display of important alerts has been configured. 

For instance, if the trader enters the payment amount that is below minimal deposit sum, the system will indicate an error and give a hint of how to fix it.

If the deposited currency differs from the currency of selected trading account, the trader will see the exchange rate and deposited sum. Also, in “Amount to be credited” field the exact amount of money that will be deposited to his account is shown (payment system commission has been deducted to calculate this amount).

After making a deposit the trader will see either a successful payment message or a transaction error message. Also, a request number that may be used to track request status in Trader’s Room will be shown in this message.

Payment methods settings

Brokers can configure payment methods in Web Office. Now all changes that occur in settings are displayed both in Trader’s Room and in UTIP Mobile at the same time. 

Please contact our sales department for more information about the new features of UTIP Mobile

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24 September 2019
New graphics settings in the UTIP Mobile

In the Mobile app UTIP the functionality for additional chart adjustment has been improved and extended. Now traders have the opportunity to adapt it for themselves.

Chart setting

On the "Chart" tab, new settings have been added that significantly expand the functionality and capabilities of the chart. Now you can choose 1 of 8 color schemes or control the display of elements on the chart: grid, Ask price and current price. Now you can add tick volumes to the chart.

The prohibition on the change of orientation of the application

In the Mobile app UTIP there is a prohibition on changing the orientation of the application from vertical to horizontal. This is done in order to improve the quality of the application and increase the speed of release of its updates.

Now, when you rotate the phone from vertical to horizontal position, the user will see an animated screensaver with the text "Landscape mode is available only for graphics". When you work with the Graph tab and its dialog boxes, the horizontal orientation of the application is still available.

New design of the Indicators dialog box

The entire list of indicators in the previous version of the application, was displayed in the dialog box when opened. The updated version displays only the indicators selected by the trader. They are supplemented with new intuitive icons, so the process of removing and editing indicators has become much easier. 

Also, the dialog box displays the main characteristics of the selected indicators, which allow you to distinguish them from each other. 

 Advanced settings

  • Zoom-in and zoom-out buttons added to the tab. 
  • Improved work with position markers on the chart. 
  • The Crosshair button has been added to the panel to determine the coordinates of the quotes or the chart.

Please contact our sales department for more information about the new features of UTIP Mobile

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11 September 2019
UTIP — an entertaining sponsor of The Gathering 2019

UTIP company has become an entertaining sponsor of organized by Finance Magnates b2b-party that will take place in Limassol, Cyprus on 2019-09-20. We have timed this event with opening our new office in Cyprus.

The Gathering party is an amazing opportunity to meet and communicate with brokers, technology providers for Forex markets and payment systems representatives in an informal way. 

Organizers of The Gathering promise to make every participant feel hot atmosphere of Cuba and we, being a main entertainment sponsor, are going to provide everyone with wonderful music and breathtaking fire show!

UTIP team is going to participate in the party as well.

See you at The Gathering 2019! 

When: Friday; September, 20.

Where: Columbia Beach Bar, Limassol, Cyprus.

To find more information about the event click here

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