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Company news
5 August 2019
Two-factor authentication in WebOffice

Two-factor authentication has been added to WebOffice and CRM applications. It provides additional protection for the accounts of brokerage company employees against unauthorized access by intruders.

How it works

When an employee authorizes into WebOffice or CRM, he receives an SMS with a code on his phone. He enters the verification code and only after that he gets access to the system.

Convenient setup

In the settings admin can:

1.Choose to which employee groups to enable two-factor authentication.

For WebOffice:

  • Administrators;
  • Staff.

For CRM:

  • Administration employees;
  • Sales managers.

2. Change ready-made templates and write unique texts for each active language.

3. Add Help. Help will be useful if employees have login problems.

Mailing via UniSender

WebOffice and CRM already have integration with UniSender, an international SMS messaging service that supports work with all popular telecom operators.

Delivery features

The ability to confirm a log in using an SMS code has been added for free. To activate the two-factor authentication option, the broker needs to create an account in the Unisender service (https://www.unisender.com/), and also register sender’s name with the carrier.

For more information about new features of WebOffice, please contact the sales department.

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23 July 2019
Match2Pay — new payment system in Trader’s room

Match2Pay as the new payment system has been integrated in Trader’s Room. It allows to receive funds from traders in cryptocurrency.

About the company

Official websie https://www.match2pay.com/

Company was founded in 2019 in Poland.

Match2Pay works with Forex companies from any jurisdiction. It is not necessary to have license for Merchant account setup.

Connection fee taken by provider is 1000 USD. There are no limitations for deposit and withdrawal. Limitations for minimum deposit amount are not exist. Average commission for bank transaction – 1% from the transaction amount.

Payment methods:

At the moment company is giving options of payments in bitcoins and also in BCH, BSV, LTC, DASH, ETH, ETC, USDT, NEO.

For today’s date 12 payment systems have been already integrated in UTIP Trader’s Room:: Interkassa, Winpay, Orangepay, Match2Pay, PayAnyWay, PaySeven, Cryptonator, Cauri, Zotapay, RBK.money, PayBoutique, Blockchain.

Furthermore, manual payments can be setup in Trader’s Room as well: Moneybookers, Yandex money or bank transfer.

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6 June 2019
Managing employee roles in UTIP CRM

The ability to create, assign and edit roles for employees has been added in UTIP CRM Now the broker can create an unlimited number of roles with the necessary set of rights.

A role is a list of rights for a group of employees. When a broker assigns an employee a role in CRM, he is immediately assigned the rights specified for it.

Any number of roles

If in previous versions of CRM 4 types of roles were built in by default, now the broker can create a list of roles customized for his company with all business processes. This will significantly reduce the time for adding rights to new employees. 

Editing rights in one tab

Changing the rights of current employees has also become easier. For example, if you want to add the right to call from CRM to all employees with the role of "Sales Manager", you just need to enable it in the role settings.

At the same time, the broker still has the opportunity to add / remove rights to each employee individually. In this case, the system will assign the role “Other” to it.

If you have any questions about the new features of CRM, please contact the sales department.

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