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Company news
27 December 2018
IP-telephony in UTIP CRM

The plugin of IP-telephony 'Telphin' is integrated into UTIP CRM, which let clients make calls straight from the system. There is a necessity to set up the software 'Softphone' for making calls. 

Make calls straight from the system

All stages of dealing with clients are implemented in the application after the plugin installation. Call center managers can make telephone calls by click the appropriate telephone number.

Extended reports

We have added the report 'By phone calls' to CRM In the report 'By first phone calls' you can trace the time from the registration of client to the moment when the manager had made a phone call for the first time. 

Report 'By staff members' provide you phone call statistics and details for efficiency assay of employee performance. 

Phone call recordings

All the conversations through the plugin 'Telphin' between staff members and clients are being recorded. You can listen or download phone call records any time. It allows to check employee performance and its quality, improve conversation scripts, be more successful in handling a rejection.

You can get all the details about new possibilities in CRM in sales department.

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25 December 2018
Happy New Year 2019!

Welcome to Questroom Utip 2019! Difficult scenarios, unpredictable plot twists and worthy gifts are prepared for You as always in new year.

To succeed in the quest from 1st of January till 31st of December 2019 without any loss stick to these easy rules:

  • Appreciate your close people and don’t be afraid to ask their advice — love and care can help to beat even the strongest resistance.
  • Set bold financial goals — only this way will help you to achieve more.
  • Don’t forget about health — without it you will not pass even a small obstacle.  
  • Don’t lose the fortitude — it’s making everything possible.
  • Respect competitors — their growth is giving you motivation for development.

At the time of performing the quest you can ask for help from the UTIP employees — we will prepare something special and useful.

Amount of appeals is unlimited!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! See you at the start line!

To get your own route of the quest UTIP 2019, contact sales department.

27 November 2018
Chat with technical support in Trader’s Room

Fast troubleshooting

The new tab ‘My Tickets’ has appeared in Trader’s Room This is a chat with technical support team, where trader may ask any question of interest. Broker’s managers can easily solve trader’s issues.

Modern Interface

Chat looks as good as in other social networks or apps.


Trader will see a new message notifications on the main page and ‘My Tickets’ side menu.


In chat there is a search on tickets topics and text of the message for rapid transition to the needed ticket.

Screenshots downloading

In the corresponding window trader can attach screenshot or other media materials.

Recovery of private messages

If trader is not satisfied with the work of the technical support employee and his issue has not been resolved, then you can reopen the closed message and continue the conversation.

If you have any questions, you are free to ask our managers of sales department.

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